Kristin Ham Dance Instruction

Kristin Ham Dance Instruction

Welcome to Kristin Ham Dance Instruction, your source for Dance Lesson DVDs on Cha-Cha, Nightclub 2-Step & West Coast Swing. As a four-time UCWDC Top Teacher Award Winner it was only a matter of time before Kristin Ham got into a Professional Dance Studio to create high definition Dance Lesson DVDs.

“Since I was 3yrs. old, all I have wanted to be is a dancer. I have been involved in many different dance related activities & lessons all my life: gymnastics, ballet, performance groups, poms, synchronized swimming, horse vaulting, argentine tango, and of course, everything related to country dancing, cha-cha, nightclub 2-step & west coast swing.

Dancing is not just a profession for me, it’s a passion and it’s something I love to share as I have a logical, clear way of explaining information as well as being very supportive along the way. Those that know me know I dance with my heart on my sleeve and I love the freedom of expression that dancing gives.

If you want to achieve your dancing goals, my wonderful husband, Monty, & I will do everything possible to help you! Together, we hold more than 2-dozen top teacher awards and we make your successes our priority. Specifically, if you’re interested in learning how to dance the Cha-Cha, Nightclub 2-Step or West Coast Swing, we have put together some amazing DVDs that are incredibly detailed and provide you with the ‘nuts & bolts’ you won’t find anywhere else.

Knowing that dancing creates a healthier lifestyle and benefits relationships, my goal is to bring the joy of dance to as many people as possible. It’s important to me that all our students have success with their lessons and follow one main rule and that’s “no getting frustrated!” Bottom line is this: if you want to learn to dance and want professional instruction that will help you achieve your goals, you will LOVE our DVDs.”

– Kristin Ham